The American Frontier.

It once blazed the path for our great nation, and shaped the character of our country.
It gave birth to our states that are now united. With each new frontier, America got stronger.

And although the frontier moved west, its spirit never did.
It gave way to the Great Plains, nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the
Mississippi River, which serves as the heartbeat of America.

It’s not pretentious or industrialized. Urban or trendy.

It’s simple, it’s hard-working and it’s good – just like every beer we make.

So while the nation lends its soul to mass production, we lend ourselves to the land to which we owe our livelihood.
The land that lies beyond the fringes.
The land that’s responsible for the barley, water, hops and yeast – that go into everything we brew.

The frontier that once gave birth to our great nation, now gives birth to a great beer.

Bolo Beer Company. Born on the Frontier.


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Brewmaster Chris Hernstrom, known around town as ‘Chris the Brewer’, comes to #bolobeerco from an equally untamed region – the Pacific Northwest. Having spent many years as a winemaker and the last several years as a brewer at Boneyard Beer Company in Bend, Oregon, Chris is blazing his own trail on the frontier.

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